Why does my login page look different?

Beginning in August, a change will be made to ACU's single sign-on page. At this time ACU will be transitioning from our previous authentication system to a new single sign-on provider. This change is being made to provide improved resiliency and security to our primary campus authentication. This change will not modify access or functionality of any other systems or services.

New Look and Feel

The new page will have slightly different look and feel. On the new page, you will need to enter your entire email address, not just your username.

Security Questions

When you first log in with the new system, you will be prompted to answer some security questions. This includes things like a recovery phone number, recovery email, or setting up other security questions. These will be used in the future in the event that you need to reset your ACU password. This provides a more personalized level of security to the password reset than the previous system. You can find more details about this process at our support article: How do I set up security information for my ACU account?


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Mon 7/27/20 11:21 AM
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