How do I record a voicemail greeting?

You can record a personalized greeting for your ACU phone with the following steps:

  1. Dial 2801.
  2. Enter your extension.
  3. Press the * key and enter your passcode. (If you don't know your passcode please reference this article)
  4. Press the "U" (8) key for User Options.
  5. Press the "G" (4) key for Greetings.
  6. Press the "R" (7) key to record your greeting.
  7. Press the "R" (7) key to review your greeting, "D" (3) to discard your greeting, or "X" (9) to exit and save your greeting.
  8. Press the "X" (9) key again to exit to the main menu.

If you have any trouble with these steps or the issue persists please contact the Helpdesk by emailing or calling (325) 674-4357. Once the Helpdesk receives this information, they will send a ticket to Network Services for further troubleshooting. 


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