About ACU Information Technology

ACU has four major information technology departments including Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Infrastructure, Business Intelligence and Technology Support Services.

Information Technology Cabinet:

  • Jon Bruner — Chief Information Officer
  • Arthur Brant — Director, Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Jeff Brawley — Director, Enterprise Applications
  • Eric Lemmons - Director, Technology Support
  • Will Wyatt — Director, Business Intelligence

Contact Information

Abilene Christian University
ACU Box 29005
Abilene, TX 79699-9201
Office: 325-674-2675
Fax: 325-674-6724

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications Blog

The world in which you live and work is becoming increasingly dependent on and defined by technology. The rise in the number and quality of computing applications and the explosive growth of the internet impacts your life and your work as few things have in the past.

Enterprise Applications has a vision for how computers and the internet play a role in your world and how to manage those resources in the most beneficial and efficient ways.

We take seriously our charge to be partners, innovators, and good stewards of the resources allocated to us and understand that technology can help faculty, staff and friends of ACU better prepare students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. Our commitment, therefore, is to make your computing experience the best that it can be.

Jeff Brawley
Director of Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications provides installation, maintenance, support, and development for campus applications such as Banner, myACU, and blogs as well as a number of custom applications written specifically for ACU. We also develop for the mobile platform and provide access to many of these applications by unifying access for ACU students and employees through a single interface. 

Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure Blog

Enterprise Infrastructure provides the connectivity and server infrastructures for Abilene Christian University. ACU's Infrastructure can be divided into two environments, connectivity environments and the server environments. With a staff of highly dedicated and skilled professionals, Enterprise Infrastructure continuously evaluates existing processes, emerging trends, and the latest innovations to identify efficiencies and opportunities to improve ACU's robust, reliable, and highly connected infrastructure environments.

Connectivity Environment
ACU's connectivity environment boasts a robust wired network with 4,900 ethernet ports, a capacity-based wireless network (WiFi) with over 900 wireless access points, a telephone system that supports 3,500 lines, and a cabling plant that has over 503 miles of fiber optic and copper cables. With pervasive connectivity comes the need to ensure students, faculty, and staff are informed and practicing secure computing practices. Coupling education and awareness with protective measures such as firewall, intrusion detection, and web content filtering, ACU limits its exposure to online threats.

Server Environment
ACU's server environment provides compute and storage hardware, operating system, authentication services, and support for the numerous campus-wide applications. Leveraging virtualization technologies, ACU has reduced its physical servers by 60% in the last ten years, and increased application uptime significantly. Leveraging a sophisticated monitoring and alerting solution and redundancies, administrators can proactively address concerns before they result in outages or failures. In the event of the rare failure, the server environment includes a robust backup scheme, which prevents data loss and significant system outages.

Technology Support

Technology Support Blog

Tier One or Front-Line Support

The IT Support Center is here to provide front-line technical support while you attend or work for the university.
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am - 7:00pm (8:00am - 5:00pm during Summer and Winter Break)
  • Front Desk walk-up support: Brown Library Main Floor
  • Telephone: 325-674-5555
  • Email - support@acu.edu

Tier Two Support: Audio / Visual, Client Support, and Hardware

These groups deal directly with ACU-owned technology that you use and interact with, such as your office computer, software applications, displays, etc.  If an issue can't be resolved by front-line support, these teams move in to resolve the problem.

Classroom Technology Emergency
If technology failure or issues are interfering with class time, call the Classroom Emergency Line. We'll drop whatever we're doing and immediately dispatch a technician to the location.

  • Classroom Emergency Line: 325-674-6333
We will need the following information:
  • Name of the professor
  • Building
  • Room number
  • A basic description of what is happening
Note: because it is considered an emergency, we don't do troubleshooting on the Classroom Emergency Line