Service Catalog

Categories (8)

Accounts and Passwords

This category includes items that pertain to SSO passwords and general account issues.

Applications and Programs

This category includes all applications or programs used by our students, faculty, and staff, such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office.

Online Services

This category includes items that are accessed primarily online, such as G Suite, myACU, or Blogs.

Network and Phones

This category includes items that deal with our wireless and wired network, any telephone and fax items, or cable TV.

Computer Equipment and Printing

This category covers any printing items, as well as items such as equipment requisitions, disposal or repair.


This category covers security related items such as encryption, door access, or malware protection.

Audio Visual Services

This category includes anything related to A/V equipment or needs, from classroom A/V to live events.

Other Services

This category include miscellaneous services not found in other categories