How do I scan to email with an HP Multi-Function Printer?

Your HP Multi-Function Printer can scan pictures and documents directly to your email. Here's how:

On the Home page, tap Scan. This will take you to the Scan menu.

In the Scan menu, tap Scan to Email. This will take you to the Scan to Email screen.

In the Scan to Email screen, if the destination email address is already in the printer's address book, you can quickly add it to the scan by tapping the person icon next to the To, CC, or BCC fields. If the destination email is not in the address book, you will have the opportunity to add it after the next couple steps.

Tap Options in the bottom-left corner if you need set any options such as the original document's sidedness, etc.

Tap the large area on the right side of the screen to scan the document and get a preview.

Tap Send to send the scan to the recipients. If any of the email addresses are new, you will be prompted with the option to add them to the address book.

Finally you will be prompted with the option to save the scan settings for the next job. Choose Clear if you are done using the printer or if your next task is different.


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