How do I Fix Error Message "This Username May be Incorrect?"

Full error text: "This username may be incorrect. Make sure you typed it correctly. Otherwise, contact your admin."

If you see this error message when trying to log in, it means that something has stopped your account from being created fully. First check with the appropriate department to make sure they have you fully processed: for students, contact WildCat Central Student Services; for employees, contact Human Resources.

If you are fully processed and/or your account is not new, this error message may mean that your account was suspended in order to protect it from malicious actors after suspicious activity was detected on the account. Please contact us at extension 4357 or at (325) 674-5555 to get your account reactivated. Once reactivated, you will need to wait thirty minutes for it to synchronize. Once synchronized, you should be able to log in and set up your security questions as per the last section on KB article: "Why does my login page look different?"


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Tue 8/18/20 2:09 PM
Sun 1/21/24 4:38 PM