Data Considerations for Employee Separation

Personal Data

As much as possible, it is best if employees do not use their work resources, including Google Drive and their ACU-owned computer, to store personal data. If the nature of the termination permits, a standard notice period of two weeks should be enough time for the employee to migrate any personal data.

Backup Data (CrashPlan)

The employee's CrashPlan backup data is stored in CrashPlan.  It will continue to be stored there for a period of three months after the employee's termination. After such period it will be purged. Information Technology can assist with transferring this data.

Local Data

Data stored locally on the employee's computer should be purged before it is repurposed for a new employee, even if the new employee is filling the old employee's position. The new employee will not have access to data stored in the previous employee's profile. Information Technology can help with transferring this data.

Cloud Data (Network Shares, Google Drive, and Google Shared Drives)

The employee should be removed from any shared cloud storage, including Google Shared Drives. If removing the employee from a shared drive would leave it with no members, another employee or manager should be added to it. Needed files in the employee's own Google Drive should transferred to another employee or to a shared drive. The termination process will automatically restrict access to network shared storage hosted on ACU servers.



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