How do I Access the Virtual Lab?

Some courses and activities at ACU require software that ACU has licensed and provided for your use through our Virtual Lab. Your professor or activity leader will inform you if you can access the Virtual Lab for this purpose. If you have access to multiple virtual labs, most courses use the General Lab, unless the department or specific application is listed in the name.

IMPORTANT: Virtual lab machines are periodically wiped and reset, deleting all saved files. These are not backed up and cannot be recovered under any circumstances. Save your work to Google Drive or other external media to avoid data loss.

There are two ways to access the Virtual Labs:

Using a Web Browser

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Log in with your ACU email and password.
  3. You will see a list of virtual desktops and/or software you you have access to. Select the appropriate one.

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop


  1. Add Microsoft Remote Desktop to the MS Store Library (note: this is different from the Remote Desktop Connection client that comes pre-installed with Windows).
    • You can use a web browser to go to, search for Microsoft Remote Desktop, click Get in Store app, click Open Microsoft Store, click Get
    • Or you can launch the MS Store app, search for Microsoft Remote Desktop, click the search result, click Get.
  2. Click Open, or launch Remote Desktop from the Start menu.
  3. Click +Add.
  4. Click Workspaces.
  5. Enter your full email address (e.g. or
  6. Click Subscribe.
  7. Sign in using your ACU email and password.
  8. You will see assets you have access to in the workspace. Double-click to open.


Start by getting and setting up Microsoft Remote Desktop if you don't already have it:

  1. Open the App Store application and search for Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  2. Click Get, or if you've had Remote Desktop on this computer at any time in the past, click the download icon (cloud with a down-arrow).
  3. Click Install if available.
  4. If you aren't already signed into an Apple ID, do that now.
  5. Click OPEN, or launch Remote Desktop from the Applications folder or a shortcut if you created one.
  6. Agree or don't agree to additional data collection.
  7. Grant or don't grant access to your microphone and camera. If you don't grant access, your virtual machines won't be able to use your mic and camera.

Next connect to ACU's Azure Virtual Desktop workspace

  1. In Microsoft Remote Desktop, click Workspaces at the top of the window.
  2. Click Add Workspace.
  3. In the field, type and then click Add.
  4. Sign in with your ACU email address and password.
  5. You will see assets you have access to in the workspace. Double-click to open.


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