How do I Connect to ACU's guest wireless network, Guest-ACU?

The guest wireless network, Guest-ACU, is available for people visiting campus who do not have active ACU accounts.

Connect to Guest-ACU

  1. Navigate to your device's wireless network settings where it displays a list of available wireless networks.
  2.  Select "Guest-ACU" and connect to it.
    • If your device prompts you to trust the network's security certificate, trust it.
  3. Once a network connection is initiated, you should automatically be taken to a registration page.
    • If you are not automatically taken to the registration page, open your web browser and navigate to a web page you have never visited before (this ensures that your browser doesn't just load a cached version of the page; alternatively you could clear cache and navigate to any page).
    • If you get an error message saying that web site is unsafe or not secure, use the option to proceed anyway. It may be hidden under an "Advanced" or "See more" menu.
  4. Review the terms of use. If you agree, check the box indicating you accept the terms of use.
  5. Click Log in.

Your access to Guest-ACU will be active for 3 days; after that you will need to register again.


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