How can I get a website unblocked on the web filter?

ACU uses a service called Fortiguard for web filtering. It is made by a company called Fortinet. If you believe a website has been blocked when it should not have been, you can request Fortinet to review the site for miscategorization. ACU Information Technology does not have control over whether Fortinet approves or rejects the website.

If you are doing academic research on a sensitive subject (e.g. history of racism, etc.) and having recurring/multiple blockages due to the web filter, please contact us:, (325) 674-4357.

Follow the steps below to request Fortinet to review a website:

1. Navigate to the blocked website. You will see a page similar to the following image: 

2. Click on the hyperlink located at the bottom of the web page. This will redirect you to a webpage similar to this:

3. Fill out the required information.

Fortinet typically responds within 5 business days.


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