How do I activate a wired network port in my office?

Network Ports are needed to connect your computer to the wired Internet via Ethernet cable and to provide wired Internet to copiers/printers. If you find that your office does not have enough Network Ports available, or they are not where you need them, please contact the Support Center or by emailing or calling (325) 674-5555. The Support Center will need the following information:

  1. A FOAP to Charge for the Work: If there is already an active port somewhere in the room, or anywhere within the department, then it can be moved to another spot within the department/room for no charge. If you need a completely new Network Port Activation, there is a $200 charge associated with that work because of the space and maintenance on our equipment needed to support it.

  2. Location: The Building, Room Number, and location of the port within the room you would like activated. 


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