How do I crosslist two or more courses?

Crosslististing courses makes them share tools such as Canvas, blog, etc.

Decide which course you wish to be the Parent or Master course. Any Child courses crosslisted to the Parent will use the Parent's course tools, such as Canvas.

It is imperative that Child courses do not have course tools created for them. If they do, you will have to delete those course tools before crosslisting.

  1. Go to myACU.
  2. Find the My Courses widget.
  3. Ensure the correct term is selected.
  4. Click the Course Tools icon  next to the Parent course.
  5. Click the "Crosslist Courses" link.
  6. Click the checkbox next to each that you want to crosslist. 
    • Tools are usually created within an hour or two.  
    • An email notification will be sent to the instructor when the process is completed.


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