How do I install the Google Drive application?

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"Google Drive for Desktop" (replacing older tools such as "Filestream" and "Backup and Sync") is a tool that allows you to access your Google Drive files on your computer by streaming the files when you need them, rather than synchronizing with the server. It can also be used to move files from your computer to Google Drive. You can install "Google Drive for Desktop" by following these steps:

  1. Download the appropriate version (Mac or Windows) from "Use Google Drive for desktop" at Google's web site. ("Google Drive for desktop" is not available for Linux, but there are several Linux-based methods for connecting to Google Drive, such as "rclone" for a Command-Line Interface (CLI) method, or "Accounts" in Gnome for a GUI-based method.)
  2. After installation, log in with your ACU credentials. You should be prompted with an ACU log-in screen after entering your ACU email address.
  3. Once everything is complete, your Google Drive will be mounted as a new drive for you to use.
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