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Information about your ACU G Suite account, which includes your ACU email.

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Email Address Information Request

Does this email address exist? Who does it go to?

How can I send an email from my non-ACU account while connected to ACU Networks?

Local clients are blocked by ACU's Networks. Access non-gmail email accounts through your browser, rather than a mailing app.

How do I access ACU email on my phone?

Log into ACU email on phone

How do I change my name's appearance on emails I send?

This article is to be used by Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and anyone else with an ACU email Address. This article also applies to Gmail accounts that are not ACU accounts, but is not intended for that audience.

How do I set up my ACU email or groupmail account to send mail as the alias?

Display your alias address in the "From" field of messages instead the groupmail address.