Self-Service Banner

Self-Service Banner (SSB) is used to manage one's own information such course enrollment, direct deposit allocation, time reporting, tax forms, etc.

SSB can be accessed by clicking the Banner link in myACU.

Some actions in SSB require a PIN. By default your PIN is your six-digit birth date (mmddyy).

Administrative Banner

Administrative Banner is used to manage information for others, such as name, course enrollment, employee class, etc.

Full-time employees have access to Administrative Banner. You must be on ACU's network or connected to ACU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access Admin Banner. Your supervisor or other experienced member of your department will show you how to access and use Banner.

Student employees will not be able to access Admin Banner. To get access, their full-time supervisor will need to fill out the Banner Security Request under Quicklinks in myACU.

The Banner Security Request will also be needed for a full-time employee to access restricted Banner forms.

Record Merge or Deletion

IT can merge Banner records in the event there is a duplicate, or delete records.

The process requires approval from multiple departments to ensure the integrity of all records is not compromised:

  • From Finance: Sarah Parker or Katie Longley
  • From Student Financial Services: Bree Beasley or Debbie Oliver
  • From Advancement: Judy Chambers or Debby Bushey
  • From the Registrar: Kathy Redman or Bradon Owen