Certain campus resources, such as Adminstrative Banner, are only available on the campus network. In order to access these resources while off-campus, faculty and staff will need to use the ACU VPN. 

A VPN service is available for ACU employees who require remote access to ACU resources. 

Software is available on the right to be installed on workstations for access through the "tunnel" feature of ACU's VPN. Essentially, the executable loads software that allows the workstation to access services via (  The client installs the tunnel capability and creates an icon that the end user may click on, enter the proper authenticated AD username and password, and connect to on-campus resources.  
After first installing the client, click on the icon or program and go to properties.  Add the hostname of the VPN as "" and the Logon group (Realm): "ACU-Directory".  Enter your ACU username and password.  The lower toolbar or equivalent Apple message bar should show the status of the VPN as "connected". You may right click on it to disconnect when done working.

You must have administrator rights on the workstation upon which the client is being installed.


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