Applications and Programs

This category includes all applications or programs used by our students, faculty, and staff, such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office.

Services (8)

Academic Software

ACU IT provides support for a variety of software used for Academic Purposes. If you are needing assistance with one of them, you can use this service to request help.

Administrative Software

ACU's IT department provides support for a wide variety of Administrative Software.

Adobe Creative Cloud

ACU provides access to Adobe Creative Cloud to all active Faculty, Staff, and Students. If you need assistance with it in any way, use this service.

Classroom Virtual Lab Access

If you are a professor and your class needs access to the Virtual Lab, use this service.

Computer Backup

ACU IT provides a computer backup system for all active Faculty and Staff. If you need help with this, use this service.

Microsoft Office

ACU provides free access to Microsoft Office 365 to all students, faculty, and staff.

Operating Systems

ACU IT provides support for both Windows and macOS.