Computer Equipment and Printing

This category covers any printing items, as well as items such as equipment requisitions, disposal or repair.

Services (10)

Computer Replacement Program

The Computer Replacement Program seeks to provide adequate technology for employees. It is generally expected that equipment will be replaced once every three years. The volatility of the computer industry and system prices may require lengthening this life cycle.

Equipment Moves

Faculty and Staff may request this service to have computing equipment moved from one location to another.

Equipment Requests

Faculty and Staff may use this service to request various computing equipment, like monitors or computer upgrades.

Hardware Repair

ACU IT provides a variety of hardware repair services.

Loaner Laptop Rental

Faculty and Staff may rent a loaner laptop from IT for short periods of time. Please use this service to make a request.

Printer Request

Use this service to request a new printer.


Students, faculty, and staff have many printers available for any printing needs.

Request to Purchase Computer Being Replaced

Use this service to request to purchase your old computer from the University.

Residence Hall Printing Supplies Request

To request printer supplies (toner, paper) for Residence Halls.

Support Center Checkout Items

These are items are available to be borrowed from the IT Support Center in the Library.