My Recently Visited Services

Students, faculty, and staff have many printers available for any printing needs.

Account information, username and password, systems used to manage accounts, unlocking accounts.

myACU is a web portal that has links to most of ACU's online technology resources for students and employees, such as email, courses, Banner, etc.

Banner lets you interact with institutional information such as student and employee records, course enrollment, affiliates, etc.

ACU Faculty, Staff, and Students can take advantage of a handful of software and hardware discounts.

ACU provides free access to Microsoft Office 365 to all students, faculty, and staff.

If you are a professor and your class needs access to the Virtual Lab, use this service.

ACU IT provides support for a variety of software used for Academic Purposes. If you are needing assistance with one of them, you can use this service to request help.

Digital sign support and management.

Apply to be a student technician at the IT Support Center

ACU uses two separate systems for encrypting ACU owned computers: BitLocker for Windows computers and FileVault for Macs.

ACU IT provides telephone services for ACU faculty and staff.

If you are experiencing a problem, but aren't sure where to report it, you've found the right place.

Request a new digital sign.

Faculty and Staff may rent a loaner laptop from IT for short periods of time. Please use this service to make a request.

WordPress blogs at ACU.

Cable Television on campus is facilitated through IT. Use this service for requests related to that service.

Google's online communication and collaboration apps.

Cognos is ACU's campus central reporting tool

The ACU VPN allows access to restricted campus resources from off-campus.

The Computer Replacement Program seeks to provide adequate technology for employees. It is generally expected that equipment will be replaced once every three years. The volatility of the computer industry and system prices may require lengthening this life cycle.